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Breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia

Patagonia is famous as the capital of trekking in Argentina, however, in my humble opinion of a non-professional enthusiastic trekker is that it should be considered the world’s trekking capital.

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Minas Gerais: Brazil beyond Rio de Janeiro

A state well known by nature lovers and its outdoor activities, not to mention that it holds a huge part of the country’s history. A whole state suitable for everyone’s taste with destinations good for mountains, waterfalls, rivers, trails, caves, museums and – drum rolls – the best homemade style food in Brazil.

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Itatiaia: Trekker’s hidden spot in Rio de Janeiro state

Only 180 km away from Rio de Janeiro you can find the main spot for trekkings in Brazil, being the first National Park ever set in the country visited by mountaineers and enthusiasts like me and you. Continue reading “Itatiaia: Trekker’s hidden spot in Rio de Janeiro state”

Jalapão: the Exquisite National Park in Tocantins – Brazil

Right in the heart of Brazil, Jalapao is an off the beatten track destination that blows anyone’s mind filled with exquisite sights to explore. When I say exquisite I do mean it. You will find sights you can hardly relate to anywhere in the world. Continue reading “Jalapão: the Exquisite National Park in Tocantins – Brazil”

Serra Fina: top trekking in Brazil

Minas Gerais is one the biggest states in Brazil and considered the paradise of outdoor activities with natural reserves, waterfalls and the best places for a weekend getaway. Serra Fina is a chain of mountain located in Passa Quatro city, with easy access from Sao Paulo (5 hours bus) or Rio de Janeiro (3 hours bus).

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