Minas Gerais is one the biggest states in Brazil and considered the paradise of outdoor activities with natural reserves, waterfalls and the best places for a weekend getaway. Serra Fina is a chain of mountain located in Passa Quatro city, with easy access from Sao Paulo (5 hours bus) or Rio de Janeiro (3 hours bus).

I had the opportunity to visit the city when my friend Sarah, who had been insiting for ages, finally managed to convince my girlfriend and I to see what it is like to take the “only” the first day’s traverse. The thing is, although it was one the nicest trekking I ever had in Brazil, the path is long and really steep although worth every effort. The elevation goes up to 1.000 meters from the entry point

Falar sobre como eh ir la para o fim de semana, quanto custa, se da pra ir sozinho, nivel de dificuldade etc……………