I considerer myself a beer not-so-much sommelier-like (whaaaat?)  and when it comes to ordering a good beer to the bartender I never forget to ask for information about local craft brewery that I could try out new tastes and flavours.

See, I am a 31 year old brazillian guy who, like the other 200 million people in the country, loves a cold beer on a sunny summer day with basically only 2 types of beer my entire life: lager and an imported wheat beer from germany, which would cost about a leg or a left eye.

All that changed during 1,7 year living in Australia in late 2011, where I would trade my day`s lunch for a six pack of a beerthat I had never seen before – hard times as an exchange english student.

Well, at that time my wanderlust spirit had already been set, however what I didn`t know is that living in Australia would allow me to get in touch to another way of exploring the world: beer tasting

This section I will share my experiences regarding beers, so… hit the menu above a country you are curious and/or heading to and explore the world with me.